Complex Open Surgeries

Complex Open Surgeries

As the name suggests, Open Surgery is a type of procedure which is performed by making a long cut also known as inciscions in the body so that the surgeon has the full view of the organs involved in the surgery.

A lot of time severe health conditions require a very close look for the success of the surgery, and hence for such complex procedures, a surgeon might suggest an open surgery over a Laparoscopic Surgery.

The cut made in this procedure can be anywhere between 3-4 inches or even longer, depending on the type of surgery being performed.

Benefits of Open Surgery

  1. One of the most important benefits of an open surgery is that it makes sure that the most appropriate treatment is given to the patient. It also lets the surgeon have complete access to the internal organs more clearly and effectively.
  2. Whenever the surgery calls for insertion of an object inside the body, like a mesh in hernia, open surgery is one of the most trusted and suggested techniques to get the best results.
  3. In an Open Surgery, one very important benefit that a patient has is that it doesn’t affect any other tissue of the body.

There are many such treatments, like for umbilical or femoral hernia, open surgery is the only option available,

As mentioned earlier, choice of technique also depends on the condition of the patient, hence, it is strongly suggested that you trust your doctor for the right choice.

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