Abdominal Emergency & Trauma

Abdominal Emergency & Trauma

Abdominal emergency can happen to anyone & anywhere, but the important thing is that it should be addressed immediately with prompt diagnosis, treatment & care. Symptoms predominantly like severe abdominal pain , fever, constipation, bloody stool, rebound tenderness in the abdomen, abdominal rigidity and guarding, bloating, colic, and migratory pain may also occur. Treatments vary for those in unstable and stable condition.

Injury caused in the abdomen is called abdominal injuries. The signs & symptoms of abdominal emergency include rigidity, tenderness, abdominal pain & brushing of the external abdomen. Serious complications may include infection & blood loss.

Abdominal trauma can be diagnosed by ultrasonography, CT Scan, peritoneal lavage & treatment may involve surgery. It may involve damage to the abdominal organs.

Treatment of Abdominal Emergency & Trauma:

Initial treatment involves the stabilisation of the patient to ensure adequate airway, breathing & circulation. It also includes identifying other injuries in the abdominal area. In some treatment, surgical exploration is important for people with penetrating injuries. Laparotomy is performed in the blunt abdominal area & is urgently required if the area of abdominal is highly damaged. Here in this surgery, the main goal is to stop the bleeding from the abdominal & repair the injuries that are found. This procedure also emphasises & helps in terms of getting the bleeding controlled. Intra-abdominal injuries are also successfully treated as there is little benefit if there is no active bleeding in that area or any potential infection. The benefits of doing a CT Scan is it provides the details of injuries & manages conservatively. It also rules out other injuries that could need the surgery.

Depending on the injuries, the patient may get or may not need intensive care.

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