• Touched more than
    5000 + Patients lives

  • 3000 + Complex GI &
    Laproscopic Surgeries

  • 3+ Years Experience in Liver
    Transplant Unit


  • Surgical gastroenterology is a super speciality branch to deal with all the minor as well as complex surgeries of digestive system. This includes the surgeries of Esophagus, Stomach, Small and Large Intestine, Rectum, Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas. This also includes all the Advanced Laparoscopic procedures

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Patient's Testimonials

Dr. Malani seems to have hands on his job though very young in his field. Would recommend to visit him without any doubts, infrastructure of the hospital is as modern as it can be.

Kenil Patel

Dr.Ronak Malani is the best gestroentrologist surgeon in surat. Apart from doctor he is a good human being, a caring, polite and humble person. His diagnosis & treatment are best for gastrointestinal problems. He has done my father's whipple surgery. I recommend people if someone has suffers from gestric problem must consult Dr. Ronal malani

Vijay Sheladiya

Dr Ronak Malani is an excellent doc. He is very calm and confident in his approach and help taking the decision what is right to the patient. He is very ethical and never order unnecessary investigation. He is well updated and skillful.

Bharath Kumar Bhat

Gastro & Liver Surgeons in Surat

During the last two decades our lives & eating habits have completely changed. Eating is now a social phenomenon & unless the consumers especially millennial’s do not upload the food pics on their Instagram handles, the meal is not complete.

At the same time the decrease in nutritious content of the food has resulted in high carbohydrate & low nutrition meals with lack of proper digestive fibres in diet. This has resulted in the biggest Pandemic of our times “Constipation, which further leads to serious Gastrointestinal problems & diseases or commonly known as “Gastric” problems .

That’s where the role of Gastroenterologist & Gastro surgeons has become increasingly important in our lives now than any other times. Gastroenterologist is a doctor who is specialised in the problems of the gastrointestinal tract which includes the organs between the mouth into the anus along with the alimentary canal.

Gastro surgeon is a super specialised general & laparoscopic surgeon who perform surgical procedures in this area .So this branch basically deals with Digestive problems , liver problems , pancreas or pancreatic diseases inflammation & any other gastrointestinal diseases.

Dr Ronak Malani is one of the top Gastro Surgeon Surat , vadodra, Ahemdabad , Gujarat & India . He is one of the best surgeon near me the moment you search for the best doctor in Surat Gujarat India.

Especially In his SPECIALISATION , He is the best gastro surgeon in surat & has been awarded the top doctor Gastro surgeon near me & also various top awards like Times of India Health icon where he & his team was declared as the BEST GASTRO SURGEON

Dr Malani is considered as an Authority in Oesophageal Diseases . INFINITY GASTROPLUSGASTRO PLUS is one of the BEST HOSPITAL. It treats patients from all over the world especially the NRI patients from Kenya United States & England.

Dr Ronak Malani believes in Prevention of Gastroentestinal diseases, he spends a lot of time in Counselling the patients about their diet that increases the likelihood of GI diseases. At his hospital he & team daily do more than a dozen of ENDOSCOPY , COLONOSCOPY , EUS, ERCP , MANOMETRY .. Which are the diagnostic & treatment tools for various GI diseases.

Dr Ronak Malani is also regarded as one of the Best Colorectal surgeon in Surat, Vadodara, Ahmedabad within Gujarat & India.

Below is the Most common Gastro Problems that patients come to Infinity Gastro plus


At Infinity plus we also treat patients of hernia, appendix, GALL BLADER STONE surgeries , intestinal ulcer , FISSURE , FISTULA ,PILES . Liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, Pancreatic cancer , INTESTINAL TUMORS , GI cancer , intestine cancer.

Now lets discuss these common Ailments one by one

Liver cirrhosis : Dr Ronak Malani is regarded as one of the best Liver surgeon or Best Hepatic surgeon & it is also his area of interest as a surgeon . There is a very high increase in the numbers of hepatological disorders especially due to Alcohol abuse. Dr Ronak malani as a top cirrhosis doctor surat Vadodra Gujarat INDIA.